Take Joyful Risks

Why joyful risks? I know what you’re thinking – risks oftentimes seem anything but joyful. Risks are nerve-wracking, anxiety-provoking decisions that are filled with self-doubt and uncertainty. Risks can go wrong, but they can also go very right. There’s that moment of payoff after a big risk where you think to yourself: “Yes, it was all worth it.” There is also that moment after a loss or disappointment where you realize (perhaps amongst the tears): “This isn’t what I wanted or remotely expected, but I learned volumes along the way.” These are joyful risks.

Maybe even start with setting an intention or practicing a mantra as your joyful risk. The word “mantra” itself breaks down into two parts – “man,” meaning mind, and “tra,” meaning transport or vehicle. Basically, a mantra is a vehicle of the mind. The Law of Attraction tells us that, in simple terms, we can translate whatever is in our thoughts into reality.  Seriously. Setting an intention or repeating an affirmation may feel a little silly and pointless, but what if that is all it takes to will something into your reality? What if it inspires you to take the next step in achieving what you want? What if it helps you narrow your focus on precise goals and how you will reach them? Not so silly after all, huh?

Take joyful risks, and learn to love the outcome either way. Challenge yourself not just to love the results, but love the risk itself. Love yourself for taking it! Enjoy the process, reap the rewards, and give yourself some credit…even if only for the effort.

I will take joyful risks. Here’s mine today:
For the past year I have been writing and blogging for other sites, but never focusing on my own right here on The Healthy Hustle. I want to make a conscious effort to share more with you on everything from health, fitness, motivation, lifestyle, recipes and more! I’ve made it a goal to spend more time nurturing this space and providing you regular content. Let’s work on this together! Let me know your thoughts on my posts, and if there’s anything you would like to see. Why?

Because together we can make risks joyful, and together we can take joyful risks.